Evolution: HEX (The Evolution Series) (Volume 3) - S. A. Huchton, Starla Huchton

I received a copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

I really can't get enough of this series - there are superheroes, hot romance, action, friendship, a kick ass heroine, and the lines between what's right and what's wrong are blurred, just like in real life. In Evolution: HEX, Candace wakes up to find she's been kidnapped and drugged. She has to deal with heartbreaking consequences in the aftermath of actions taken by someone she loves. 

This book tore me apart with the emotional torment and pain Candace worked through. But she's so strong and logical - she can think through her problems rationally, and she has a healthy way of dealing with stress - going swimming as she can control the element of water. 

I really loved how the lines aren't clear between right and wrong with not just the ANGEL Project but also the HEX group. Both groups have positives and negatives, and there are no easy answers with the issues they face. I could see everyone's point of view equally well, and I wasn't on anyone's side except Candace's. She's smart and fearless, and I had every confidence she'd figure things out. 

I think a revolution is going to start up with Candace at the helm. She's proven herself to be a leader, someone others can look up to, learn from, and follow. Until the next book comes out, I'll be dying from the wait!