Wolves and the River of Stone - Eric R. Asher

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl.

Wolves and the River of Stone starts off with action right away, and you're pulled into Damian's world as though you never left. As a matter of fact, this book starts off right where the first book ended. Asher's style of writing is stellar - I can't stress that enough. His writing skills make me jealous! ;) 

How shocked was I to find out Philip is not only very much alive but also raising an army? And had Zola, his ex-girlfriend, kidnapped? Very! What a shocking and awesome twist that turned out to be. The way Zola spoke of him in the first book, Days Gone Bad, you just wouldn't have thought of him as a bad guy, at least in the beginning. I did have a strange feeling when Zola told Damian in the first book that she found Philip's body two years before - that's the amount of time she disappeared, and Damian didn't know where she had gone. I thought that seemed awfully coincidental and had tucked that away in my memory bank for later. 

I love these characters! The dialogue is natural, and you can tell they care about each other, showing that in their own ways. If their world wasn't so dangerous, I'd want to hang out with them for sure. I loved meeting the new characters, too. They added even more to this story and are just as vivid as the other characters. 

The way Asher blends all of these different supernatural characters together is masterful, and I haven't read a lot of books with characters who are necromancers, which is one of the main aspects that drew me to this series. Everything about this series is amazing - the action, the romance, the characters, the plot...I'll be recommending this series to everyone I know. I'm the go-to girl of my family and friends for book recommendations. ;)

I feel lucky that I was able to read Wolves and the River of Stone right after Days Gone Bad. As much as I wish I had read Days Gone Bad when it was first published, I feel almost spoiled to be able to go right into the second novel. I don't know if I would've been able to stand the wait for this one!