Intrinsical  - Lani Woodland

I received a copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

Intrinsical is a terrific start to a promising trilogy! The way the book began and is written was phenomenal. I was hooked immediately and connected with the characters right away. Yara is my new favorite heroine in YA for sure. You know why? Mostly because she doesn't go all ga-ga over a guy. Very refreshing! 

Yara is a smart and likable character. She has great friends in Cherie and Cherie's boyfriend, Steve. I loved the banter between Brent and her. Almost even more than that, I loved that when he calls Cherie "crazy" she stands up for Cherie and begins avoiding him. I cheered for her - I just thought that was so cool and brave, especially because she liked him, and they seemed like there was a mutual attraction between them. 

I must admit I did like Brent right away though some things he said and did made me cringe at times. He's funny and smart which made him a great complement to Yara. He met his match with her! I liked the secret they share and that he was willing to help her. I also liked that she wasn't so easily persuaded by him. 

There's so much about Intrinsical to love. As a fan of the movie, Donnie Darko, that touches on astral projection, I loved that astral projection plays an important role in this story. The setting, the characters, the plot, and the writing all combine to make for an addictive read. I'm so excited for what's to come in this trilogy.