Ride of Your Life - Shevi Arnold

I received a copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

Ride of Your Life was a cute and fun book to read. The cover immediately caught my eye; I LOVE roller coasters, and now I'm even more excited for summer than I already am! This is a perfect time of year to read this book. 

I liked Tracy even though she takes care of everyone but herself. She made the decision to stay with Mack at the Amazing Land theme park rather than go into the light. She's only going to go when Mack is able to go, and so they hang around the park. It's been thirty years since they died, and with the way he aggravates her on purpose, they seem like they were brother and sister even before the accident. 

Mack wasn't a likable character for me in the beginning, but once I delved into what his life was like when he was still alive, I understood him better. Plus he died when he was only eleven years old. He had so much life ahead of him - I felt sad he died so young. I'd probably be bitter and jaded, too. 

I was sad for Ashley, too, and especially her mom. Though I didn't want any characters to be dead, I think Ashley and Josh made a wonderful addition to Tracy and Mack's little family. Ashley brought out a softer side of Tracy that I really liked seeing, and I think Josh did the same for Mack. Josh's love for Tracy was unwavering no matter how many times she tried to push him away. I'd love to have Josh in my life! 

Ride of Your Life is more about emotions and living and dying rather than action and adventure, which I personally appreciated. I love stories exploring what it means to really and truly live. There were times I laughed, and times I shed a few tears. I would have added a fifth star except at times Tracy and Mack teaching the rules of being a ghost to Ashley and Josh didn't quite keep my attention. The story of these four characters was beautifully told, and I believe Arnold accomplished what she set out to do when writing this novel.