Undeniable - Ashley Simone;Alicia Roberts

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review at Donnie Darko Girl.

Undeniable is super steamy and super hot. The first part of a trilogy, it's a quick read at around seventy pages (on the Kindle), and it ends with a cliff hanger. If you don't like cliff hangers, then you might want to wait until all three parts have been released. 

Everyone who is a part of Allie's life treats her like dirt, except MAYBE her roommate. Her roommate seemed like an okay friend, although I have to wonder about her selection in a blind date for Allie. That was a total disaster! If I were Allie, I would have been insulted that my friend chose such a skeeze to be my date. 

Allie and her brother lost their father when they were very young and were raised in a single parent home by their mother. Then their mother died from cancer a year before the start of Undeniable. Allie's brother drops out of college and turns to drugs to cope, and while she blames herself for the way his life is turning out, it obviously isn't her fault. 

She can't stop him from doing drugs if that's how he wants to cope. I think as the older sibling, since both of their parents are now deceased, she feels responsible for him on some level. She mentioned she promised their mother she'd look after him, but he's a grown man. I think it's unfair for Allie to put this burden on herself, especially since her brother treats her about the same as an enemy would. 

I wasn't sure how to feel about the possible romance blooming between Allie and Zac - Allie is a weak female lead while Zac is a jerk to be honest. I like alpha males, but since there isn't much background given on him, it was hard to root for him. Strangely I still found their scenes hot! 

Overall, with the way Undeniable ended, I definitely want to read the next installment and am hoping for the lowdown on Zac. I need to know what's happened to him in the past because he's obviously been hurt - and badly. I also want Allie to toughen up and stop letting everyone in her life run over her.