The Art of Letting Go - Anna Bloom

I received a copy of this book for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

There's something about Lilah! She's hilarious, full of life, and also adorably clueless as hell. In The Art of Letting Go, Lilah finds herself heading towards thirty years old stuck in a job she hates, engaged to a man she doesn't want to marry, and living under her father's thumb. And then along comes Ben. 

Lilah has made drastic changes by the time she meets Ben - she's walked away from her job, is enrolled in college as a history major, and is living in a tiny dorm room. Meeting him changes everything, especially when he's revealed to be her roommate. She's swept off her feet, and I was, too! Ben is charming, authentic, musically talented, and a great cook. Tall dark and handsome is exactly how I like them.

They face several obstacles they must overcome in order to be together, and one of the biggest is when Ben's band is given the opportunity to go to the U.S. to record an album, Lilah finds out he won't be coming back to the university next year. The question she wrestles with is if she should continue seeing Ben and be happy in the moment while knowing their paths are heading in different directions or does she try to protect herself and end things now? 

I loved how the characters reacted in surprising and unexpected ways. This made the book all the more special to me. The title, The Art of Letting Go, could not be more perfect for the story being told. I felt Lilah's emotions so strongly that I laughed and cried along with her. I wanted nothing more than to have a drink with her and give her a hug on her bad days and celebrate with her on her good days. 

My only issue with the book, which is a completely minor one, is that many times contractions weren't used. It disrupted the flow of the dialogue for me at times but didn't disrupt the story itself. I just felt it's more realistic for a character to say "it's" rather than "it is" for example. 

The Art of Letting Go is the first book in a series that you'd be crazy to miss! I have a strong feeling you're going to love Lilah and Ben as much as I do, not to mention their friends.