Chemical Reaction (The Chemical Attraction Series) (Volume 2) - Christina Thompson

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

Thompson delivers another gripping page turner once again with Chemical Reaction where the action picks up from the end of the first novel. This is what I call addictive reading - I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, desperate to find out what happens next. So much happened the first time around, and Chemical Reaction is no different. The pages are full of suspense and action with shady characters as well as characters you could trust with your life.

I know this is fiction but can't help hoping in real life the FBI is more mature than the bunch of high schoolers they act like in this series. It's only because I love Madeline so much! Even Joe has his times where I wanted to kick him. Another problem with the FBI aspect of this story is there are so many names to remember, and they're all common like Joe, Adam, and Mike (all actual character names). I either wanted less secondary characters or names that would be more memorable. Besides Tim, Joe, and Mike, the rest faded into the background for me.

There's never a dull moment in Chemical Reaction. It's amazing how much more complicated and tangled the plot becomes. It's also good the story wasn't wrapped up nice and neat with a bow at the end of the first novel - it would've undone all of the work Thompson accomplished with the plot and characters. The fact that it ended with the case unfinished allowed a smooth transition into this recent installment. I knew the characters already and was able to dive right back in to the story. 

Overall, Chemical Reaction is a heart pounding, fast paced, highly addictive thriller with romance and humor that will leave you gasping for breath after the end.