Chemical Attraction (The Chemical Attraction Series) (Volume 1) - Christina Thompson

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

The first chapter of Chemical Attraction was overwhelming for me with a lot of character names to remember and the things that distinguish them from one another. I worried I wasn't going to remember all of them and how they're related or know each other, but as the story progressed, I needn't have worried. The main characters soon stood out from the rest. 

Eva and Matt, Joe's "sister" and brother-in-law, have such a loving relationship, and I loved the fact that they're still so hot for each other after nine years together. They made me feel like they're going to feel that way for each other the rest of their lives. Marriages either become dysfunctional or don't make it for long at all so many times in novels, so I found this refreshing. 

The attraction between Joe and Madeline was palpable from the start. They're both intelligent and self-assured people, making them evenly matched which I really liked. They work well together, and the tantalizing prospect of them becoming a "real" couple was always just out of delicious reach, making you desperate to find out if that's in the cards for them. 

Thompson takes time building the characters and their interactions before getting to the action of the story, so when something happened, you really felt the impact. At first I felt frustrated with getting to the action, but had she rushed things, the story wouldn't have hit me as hard as it did. The way she set everything up made Chemical Attraction worth reading. I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel.