Confused - Kate Lynne
Hot sex, a mysterious hunk of a man, and a stunning revelation all make up CONFUSED. In this follow-up to USED (which you have to read first), V's past has caught up with her. Really it never left her. The way she's chosen to live will never heal her, which she hasn't ever been interested in anyhow, but sooner or later, your hurt and anger WILL catch up with you. You have to face your demons before they devour you, but V has been allowing them to devour her all this time. She doesn't want to be saved from who she has become because she doesn't think she's worth anything. 

V lost all her parents and little brother in a tragic car accident years ago and barely survived years in foster care. Anyone would be broken after that, and it makes sense why she lives a life full of risk taking. She doesn't care what happens to her. She thinks she's living it up, having the time of her life, but that's just an illusion to keep the pain at bay.

In CONFUSED, she doesn't know if she's losing herself or finding herself. I think it's both. Many times she questions her sanity being forced to face her issues and emotions She feels like she's losing her mind because none of this has happened to her before, and she doesn't know what to do with it all. If V allowed it, this could very well allow her to find her true self that she's done everything in her power to bury. 

Detective Breccan caused me to wonder if he knows who she is, or is V just becoming paranoid? This novella is a lot different than USED, and it is just as captivating, maybe ever more so. V is getting much more comfortable killing and I'm thinking she's going to end up getting sloppy and caught. Which leads me to the question of why the detective seems to have such interest in her? Does he want her or to catch her? 

Omigod, the huge twist shocked me beyond belief - wow! Never saw that one coming, and everything has turned out so differently from anything I could have imagined. Kate Lynne knows how to weave a good story that will put you under a spell! So good and addicting!! CANNOT wait until the next installment!

P.S. - The length of time I took to read this doesn't correspond to my enjoyment of the book. I only put it down because I had a couple of reviews due by a certain date. :)