Blood Fugue (Moonsongs, Book 1) - E.J. Wesley

I received a copy of this novelette for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

In BLOOD FUGUE, we're introduced to Jenny and her best friend, Marshal. Life has dealt Jenny some low blows. The fact that she hasn't buckled under the crap she's dealt with is not only amazing (I totally would not been sane or comprehensible) but shows her strength. She's snarky, fun to hang around with, and I would love to be her bestie! Plus with her purple fauxhawk and my pink hair, we'd make quite the pair!

And can I just say how much I love Marshal? The fact that he and Jenny stand out from everyone else in their tiny town with such confidence and flair makes me adore them even more. Marshal is such a cool guy, and it's obvious how much Jenny cares about him. It's also refreshing they're best friends without a romantic element to their relationship, proving a girl and a guy can be just friends. (You'll find out why they won't ever be more than just friends.) 

BLOOD FUGUE is full of surprises with twists and turns. There's a huge revelation that I'll admit I never saw coming and was happy with the outcome. I think it adds to Jenny's badassery. This novelette is a quick and super fun read with the promise of more awesomeness ahead.