Path Unchosen - Kim Cleary

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

Drawn in by the cover and plot, I was so excited to begin Path Unchosen. The fact that the main character, Judy, finds out she's a necromancer intrigued me. I looked forward to the mystery of who was raising the dead besides Judy. And most of all, I looked forward to zombies! 

I enjoyed the story, but there were a few things I wanted to know that weren't entirely clear to me such as what happened to modern technology? It's easy to imagine Judy's world as being in the 1800's with reading by candlelight and traveling by a horse drawn cart, but I think the zombie plague wiped out much of the population and along with it, technology. I imagined people had to abandon modern comforts to survive. 

When the story begins, the zombie plague has been over for a long time, yet a zombie is raised the same night Judy raises a spirit. Judy wasn't the one who raised the zombie, and she sets out to find who else is a necromancer along with her guardian, Purah. The zombie begins attacking people, and it's up to Judy to figure out who she can and can't trust as well as who is sending zombies to attack the citizens around Winterhurst. I didn't trust Purah one hundred percent, and I definitely didn't trust Boyce Westall. 

The story intrigued me, and if the framework of Path Unchosen had been clearer to me I would have given it at least another star. As it is, while I didn't quite connect with the characters, the mystery was more than enough to keep me reading and interested.