Ripped - Katy Evans
I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl.

When I found out I was approved for a copy of Ripped to review, I jumped up and down from sheer excitement. This book couldn't come out soon enough with that cover! That synopsis! And you know what? Katy Evans delivered!

Ripped is an apt title for this novel - that's exactly how I felt while reading, as though I was ripped in half. I felt Pandora's pain intensely with the hopes and dreams she had for a future with Kenna that never happened. I desperately wanted the walls she had built up to come tumbling down.

I loved how Ripped began with a prank by Pandora and her friend - it drew me into the story quickly and made me laugh. It was the perfect way to begin Pandora and Kenna's story, especially with the complicated history they share, because a lot of emotional heaviness came my way not long afterward.

This wasn't a bad thing at all - they had a secret and super hot relationship that ended badly. There was bound to be a lot of hurt and pain left over. Their lives at home as teens weren't filled with happy memories, and they were like life preservers for each other back in those days. I wanted them to become life preservers for each other again.

When they come back into each other's lives, things quickly heat up. You could light up the entire state of California with the electricity between them - it's as though time has stood still and the last six years never happened. I'm pretty sure I spent much of the book blushing, hoping no one would notice!

I haven't read the first four books in this series, but this story was easy to follow and can read as a standalone. I do want to read the other books in the series to get to know Pandora's friends better as their stories are told before hers. Ripped was a humorous, emotional, and sexy read that I didn't want to end.