Winter Wolf - R.J. Blain
I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl.

When I signed up to review Winter Wolf for the blog tour, I didn't realize until I started reading it that it's technically the second book in the Witch & Wolf series. But it has different characters and really can be read as a standalone. I'm now curious to read the first one at some point in the future.

Nicole is a character I found myself liking pretty much right away. She has abilities that she has to hide so an organization known as the Inquisition won't find her and execute her. After she decides to use forbidden magic to investigate the cause of a murder that happened right next to her, she has to decide whether to save werewolves or let them die out. If they die out, she wouldn't have to worry about the Inquisition any longer, but she has family who are werewolves, which made me wonder why she hates the species so much.

My only issue with this novel is the repetition - Nicole repeats things A LOT, such as her fear of the Inquisition and that jobs for her as an actress have dried up. I lost count of how many times Nicole mentioned these things and found myself annoyed when she'd bring them up because I knew these things already. Other than this, I really liked the story.

Winter Wolf is a fun and entertaining novel to lose yourself in with interesting characters and the situations they find themselves facing. There's a lot going on with the abilities Nicole has, the werewolves, and the Inquisition, and it was a race to the end to find out how everything was going to turn out.