Fractured Legacy - Skye Callahan
Shiver-inducing, creepy-crawly, and spine-tingling all best describe how I felt while reading Fractured Legacy. This is the perfect time of year to read about a young paranormal investigator with an entity targeting her. I wasn't expecting to get freaked out while reading this novel, but with all the lights off and only the screen softly glowing, I definitely did. And I love that feeling! 
Kaylyn and her sister, Cole, are paranormal investigators at the same agency. They walk into work one day to find they have a new boss, and his name is Jonah. Right away, Kaylyn and Jonah grate on each other's nerves, but also a sort of attraction is there as well. It was fun to see them interact - Kaylyn doesn't take crap from anyone, not even her boss. Sometimes I slightly cringed since you should be somewhat respectful with the person who has the power to fire you, right? ;)
Kaylyn and Cole are assigned to investigate possible paranormal activity at the Teague Hotel. First of all, how awesome would it be to get paid as aparanormal investigator?? I'd like to think I'd be super brave but can't help thinking I'd most likely be too afraid to go searching for otherworldly happenings! However Kaylyn is plagued by nasty nightmares, and they only become more frightening after she's stepped foot in the hotel. 
Kaylyn, Jonah, and Cole make a terrific team. The dynamics between them make for some entertaining situations they get themselves into. They just work well together, and it only took them getting through their irritation with each other to reach that point. 
My only issue with Fractured Legacy, which is a small thing that didn't diminish my enjoyment of the book overall, was that Cole assumed Kaylyn's problems were due only to a breakup. The possibility of something otherworldly going on never entered her mind, and for someone who is a paranormal investigator and supposed to know her sister so well, I thought that was strange. It took some time warming up to Cole; she was more concerned with how Kaylyn's behavior affected herself rather than how it was affecting Kaylyn.  
With the above set aside, Skye Callahan kept me guessing in Fractured Legacy - I couldn't read quickly enough! There were secrets that came out which I never saw coming, and I couldn't believe those revelations. I'm hooked on this series and am ready for the next novel!