The Second Coming: A Love Story - Scott Pinsker

I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

Clever and unlike anything I've ever read before, Scott Pinsker's The Second Coming: A Love Story is a tour de force in the "war" between Red America and Blue America. But I don't think this story is quite as simple as one side versus the other, and Pinsker has created a story with all the complications of religion and politics, especially when they mix together. 

I must admit parts of the story were over my head, but this novel was amazing and creative. You have to pay attention to what you're reading without distractions, or you might miss something. The concept intrigued me, and one of the aspects I liked the most was not knowing which was man was Satan and which was not. That made the reading even more interesting.

Earlier I mentioned I don't think this story is as simple as one side versus the other. Pinsker wrote The Second Coming without taking a side, which was genius to me, and I think the right move to make on his part since this is a fictional story, not a dissertation on religion. The religious right, in my opinion, loves to portray the liberal leftists as godless and without any morals whatsoever; however, I think the right doesn't realize it's more complicated than that. Liberalism does not necessarily equal godlessness, and to anyone who thinks so hasn't taken a deeper look into the way people think and feel. 

I did my best to go into this novel with an open mind and not allow my beliefs to affect my reading experience. I wanted to think more deeply about my own beliefs without coming out feeling jaded, and I believe I was able to achieve just that. Nearly everyday I think about life and if there's a rhyme and reason to it or if everything is random - sometimes I think I think too much if that makes sense! This book opened me up to thinking in new ways about the questions we all have as human beings about life, whether we're happy or not and why or why not, and what's the purpose of our existence. I'm grateful for those new ways of thinking to incorporate into my already held ideas and beliefs. 

I'm definitely planning on reading the next installment of this trilogy. I need to know what Pinsker has in store for me next - 2015 can't get here soon enough.