Dead Girl Walking - Ruth  Silver

I received a review copy for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

A unique and entertaining take on grim reapers, Dead Girl Walking was an absolute joy to read. I couldn't help but adore this story - I love reading about grim reapers, and Silver's concept was fresh and original. The characters were engaging, and I really felt for them all. It can't be easy being a reaper. And the asylum is mysterious and creepy - you'll want to know more about it like I did. 

Leila breaks the rules at first, and though her choices made me cringe, they made sense to me because she agreed to become a reaper so quickly without taking time to think about what that was going to entail. Plus she has a hard time letting go of her former life, which I would, too. I think anyone would! She worries about her younger sister, and the guy she fell in love with, especially since he's been arrested after her death.

The other reapers Leila lives with each have their own distinct personalities. I adored Wynter - his name, the way he helps and supports Leila without doing her job for her. He draws you in right away. Violetta was aggravating at first, but I came to admire her snark. I enjoyed Jasper's flirting with Violetta - he's incorrigible! ;) Emblyn is a quiet and friendly reaper, preventing Violetta from messing with Leila just because she's the new girl. Edon, who's the oldest reaper and kind of like Leila's boss. He's honest, brutally so, but he's gotta be in this line of work. 

Dead Girl Walking is the first book I've read by Ruth Silver, and I'm her newest fan! This book went by so fast - I can't WAIT for the next installment!!