Fractured - Erin Hayes

I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

After reading Fractured, I don't want to go anywhere alone in the dark for a while! After finishing the book, I had to take time to think about what I was going to say in my review. I really liked the horror aspect but didn't like any of the characters. Connecting with the characters in a horror novel isn't a necessity for me - I don't have to like them to enjoy a good horror story. This is the only genre I can think of where I'm okay with not liking the characters. 

Part of the reason I didn't like Bash, probably the one character who's supposed to be the most likable, was that she was completely naive about her sister, Lily. It was easy to see why Lily distanced herself from Bash and was hostile about her relationship with Seth. Did Bash not realize she was their parents' favorite? Did she not remember Lily met Seth first only to watch him fall for her sister? 

While I'm not on Bash's side, I'm not on Lily's either. There's definitely a supernatural creep factor to Lily. She was so weird!! When she met Seth, she falls madly in love with him without even knowing him? I didn't understand how she could feel that way but did feel her pain when he saw Bash and forgot about her. I just thought her feelings for him were a little over the top. The self destructive path she's on makes her even creepier. 

I do want to say that though I may not have felt a strong connection with either Bash or Lily, other readers might feel differently about them. My feelings about the characters are based on personal preferences and have nothing to do with the way they were written. 

The horror was well done. This was a book I didn't want to read at night alone. Demons scare me more than anything - even more than zombies. I think it could be because the first horror movie I ever saw was Night of the Demons (the original 80's version). Plus I can't help but think I'd be more aware of my own personal horror if a demon took over my body rather than if I turned into a mindless zombie. I could be wrong, though, and hope I never have to find out!

There are scenes from this book that will stand out in my mind for a long time, and that's a task that's difficult to accomplish yet so rewarding for a horror fan. I LOVE to be scared, and I don't want to forget those scenes anytime soon.