Alive (The Crave) - Megan D. Martin

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl

ALIVE is the kind of zombie novel I crave, haha. I can't get enough zombie novels, and this one pulled me in right away. There are several factors that make ALIVE stand out from the pack, however, and every time I think nothing new can be done with zombies, I'm proven wrong. Happily proven wrong! 

Eve used to be in a super religious family and bullied relentlessly at school because everyone thought she was a freak because of the fact. Her family were the type who preached about the end of the world before it even happened, and her mom would say things like, "God's way of trying to send you back to hell." She wasn't happy with the way her life was before the Crave, not that she was happy afterward either with it having to fight off hordes of zombies. 

My only complaint about Eve? She said "duh" way too much. Other than that, I really liked her. She toughened up considerably and became a completely different girl than she was in high school because she had to be to survive the new world she found herself in. I admired her for rising above everything she's been through and though she comes dangerously close to giving up, she doesn't. 

Why are the hot zombie-killing guys always carting around crossbows? The minute Gage whips out his crossbow, I was like, "Oh my god, I love you." Even though he's a heartbreaker and not exactly the person Eve would have liked to meet up with. Everything about Gage screamed sex, and while you might think sexual frustration might be the last thing someone would experience during a zombie apocalypse, I can understand it. 

With all of the jokes I've made about people not showering regularly with zombies running around, I think after four years you'd get used to that and could still be physically attracted like Gage and Eve. Man, there was some serious heat between them! I wanted them to have sex right away and get it out of their system already - that tension was killing me, lol! But that tension was also delicious to read; I don't know how else to put it. 

It's interesting that Eve and Gage happen to cross paths four years after the Crave and have a past together. Right away I knew there was much more to their past than being former lovers, which was revealed a little at a time. I enjoyed the flashbacks of what their lives were like before the Crave. 

The mystery of what happened to Eve's sister, whom Eve became separated from when they were attacked by a zombie horde a year ago, also kept me wanting to know if they'd find each other again. They sounded like they had a strained relationship, so I admired that Eve was so keen to find her. I would, too. 

Megan D. Martin proves with ALIVE that she's a crazy talented writer, and I'm desperate to find out what happens next. I'll be reading every book she writes! Thanks for proving me wrong about there being nothing new to do with zombies!