Pawns (Timeless Games) - Estelle MacDonald

I received a copy of PAWNS for an honest review from the author. 

In the novella, PAWNS - a prequel to ROOK, the first book in the Timeless Games series - we find out more about Leslie, who was a character I despised in ROOK. Here I find out she's got to be in the running for worst parents ever. Her mother and father are terrible, horrible people, especially as parents. I can't describe just how awful they are to their only child. PAWNS starts out with her mother calling her a "needy little snot," which was the very first line. I couldn't help myself - I had a strong desire to slap her mom! 

Leslie's background fleshed out explains a lot about her, and I understand her much more than I did in ROOK. She was jealous and willing to murder in that book, and now I know why with the events that happen in this novella. I think ROOK should be read before PAWNS - my experience with Leslie might have been altered dramatically had I read PAWNS first, and I wouldn't want it to be different than what it was for me. She's meant to be hated in ROOK for good reason. 

I wonder what the next book will be like, and with this surprising ending, I'm looking forward to more in the Timeless Games series!