I Found You - Jane Lark
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour hosted by Fiction Addiction Book Tours. 
I FOUND YOU was an absolute blast to read! I flew through Rachel and Jason's story, finishing it in one sitting. The way they met, described in the synopsis as Jason running toward life while Rachel is running away from life, is what really drew me to this book and is far from the typical way characters meet in a romance novel. 
The chemistry between Rachel and Jason was undeniable. They're hot together!! As awful as it felt for Jason and Lindy to have such a messy breakup, I couldn't help but love Rachel and Jason. Not only were they super hot together, but they also proved to be good for each other - Jason gets Rachel into exercise and dealing with emotions and problems in a healthier way, and she teaches him to let go and live a little.  
The tension and pressure from Jason's family about choosing Rachel over Lindy was realistic and a little anxiety provoking. I know back in high school I was in a relationship my family didn't approve of although in this story, it's a different situation with similar fallout. Rachel and Jason fell hard for each other and fast, and I knew that was where much of the disapproval came from, not to mention the fact that his parents and Lindy had never wanted him to move away from Oregon in the first place.
Surprises were in store for me as the plot of I FOUND YOU went beyond what the synopsis hinted at, and Jason and Rachel were faced with gigantic hurdles to overcome for their happily ever after. I stayed glued to my Kindle, needing to know what came next. I'm looking forward to more books by Jane Lark!   
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