Family Heir: A Bigfoot Novel - Sara M Drake

I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl.

Family Heir is a really cool urban fantasy novel that left me craving more. The cover drew me to reading the synopsis, sounding like a book I'd love - and I was right! The writing was awesome, the world building was creative, and the characters were a LOT of fun to read about.

Kelley is on a date when her ex, Troy, comes storming in to find her. They're needed to hunt down a killer. Attacks are increasing in frequency, and they're gory. Innocent people are being killed, even very young children. Kelley and Troy are divorced, but you don't find out why for quite a while. I was dying to know why and actually found myself wanting them to get back together when I didn't know why they split up in the first place.

In their world, scientists have confirmed the existence of creatures such as vampires and werewolves. The vampires and werewolves don't trust the government as much as they do the Families of Hunters spread out around the world. They work in conjunction with the Hunters to make sure any dangerous rogues are arrested or even killed if necessary. There was even mention of two mermen who had to be killed because they were raping and killing tourists. *shivers*

Kelley and Troy are Hunters, and their Family is based not far from where they currently live in Wyoming. They've trained as partners since they were kids. Even though they're now divorced, Troy refuses to work alone or with anyone but Kelley, which led me to start thinking he might not have wanted the marriage to end. I was looking forward to seeing how they work together and also with the addition of a newbie federal agent (Brent) whom Kelley thinks is cute and loves making him blush furiously.

Kelley is a character I loved instantly. She's witty, intelligent, and fierce when she needs to be. Troy is one of the most interesting characters I've read about - he speaks in one to two words at a time. That's it! But Kelley knows him so well she can fill in the blanks for others who don't know what he's talking about.

With everything Family Heir has going on - the interesting dynamic between Kelley, Troy, and Brent unfolding, the tension with the unlikely trio hunting down the killer, the mystery of why Kelley and Troy divorced, and the reaction Kelley has to getting sucked back into the world of werewolves and vampires that she was trying to leave behind - there's never a dull moment in this novel. There was so much I wanted to find out and had a wild ride to get there, which I'd take again any day. I highly recommend this book to fans of Urban Fantasy or to anyone who wants to escape with some really awesome characters into a suspenseful story.